Sheena Rohrer’s Birth Story

Hi Ann,


I know everyone was surprised to see me last week so wanted to let you know that baby Alexander Robert Nelson Rohrer arrived safely on the 31st October at 5.18pm, my very own special Halloween treat!


I had a very positive birthing experience so would like to share with all the other expectant mums. After i reached due date (Wednesday 21st oct) i became quite impatient and anxious but carried on doing the yoga exercises to keep my body feeling active and helping the baby into an optimal position. i spent a great deal of time on all 4s with my bum in the air trying to get him to descend! i had a membrane sweep the week after due date and another one a few days later. i did a watered down version of the candle meditation to help keep me focused on something and relaxed during the procedure and burnt some rose geranium incense which reminded me of our relaxing classes! Thankfully it did the trick because my contractions began around 1am on Friday night. I was so relieved that labour was starting naturally that i embraced the discomfort of the surges and breathed my way through the contractions using the golden thread breath. i didn’t get much sleep that night but stayed at home until about midday, reading, watching comedy shows on the birthing ball and trying to conserve energy. I put the TENS machine on early to release endorphins and took some paracetemol. The contractions were coming every 8 mins or so and lasting about 40 seconds. I used various yoga breaths to help me – ujai and golden thread were most helpful and thinking about jaw relaxation. At midday i started to feel really unwell, back pain etc so decided to go to the hospital. i was a bit deflated when they examined me and said i was only 4 cm dilated (at the membrane sweep had been 3cm so hadn’t progressed much in a day). I used gas and air for the rest of my time in hospital and my husband set up the room with calming music while the Midwife read my birth plan and respected our wish for privacy so left us alone. I wish i had taken my ow birthing ball because firstly they gave me one which was far too big and then one which was too small but i had to make do. the MW said i should stay sitting on the ball for at least an hour before getting into the birthing pool. I did manage to do this. rocking and circling on  the ball helped while my husband rubbed my hips during surges. When the contractions became too strong for me to just breathe my way through i started to use noises to get through, such as ‘oh’, ‘ah’ and hums. This really helped. Getting into the birthing pool was a huge pain relief even though the walk to the room was torturous! i was in the pool for about an hour, drifting in handout of sleep, being woken by contractions but gas and air gave me something to focus on. Unfortunately the baby’s heart rate dropped when i reached the pushing stage which meant i had to get out of the pool. it was a military operation trying to get out at that point! 3 pushes and 15 minutes later my beautiful baby boy was born. i was very lucky that didn’t need any stitches and they discharged me 3 hours later so i could take my baby home to meet his big brother and spend our first night at home.


Yoga definitely helped me through both pregnancies and childbirth. As you know i’m very petite so was nervous about birthing a baby naturally but yoga and hypnobirthing principles gave me the confidence and belief that i could do it. i hope to do more yoga in the future to help me with bouts of insomnia which i suffer from.


If any mums want to get in touch with me, for advice/tips or just meeting up for coffee, then do pass on my details.


Thanks a million 🙂


Sheena  xx