Vicky Crosthwaite’s Birth Story

Hi Ann! Well we actually made it to our planned section date! Good thing is, I get my nice calm c-section. Bad thing is, I get to be a complete nervous wreck beforehand! I wasn’t too bad at first, managed to sleep from 11-3am and then dozed back off until 4am. Then I had to give in to anxiety and get up; at one point I got so nervous I could feel a panic attack brewing but managed to keep it at bay with some temple breathing and sighing some air away.

When we got to the hospital, again I was fine at first but then they came to inform me what time I was going to theatre and panic set in. I had some straws packed so I did some straw breathing and some golden thread breath and it did really help to calm me down. I used the same techniques while I was actually on the operating table as a distraction from what was going on behind the curtain. They really are so helpful!

Lucas Stephen Crosthwaite was born at 10:29am weighing 7lbs 1.5oz.

Your classes are fantastic Anne and from someone who has always suffered with anxiety and panic attacks I find the yoga breathing techniques a lot more effective than the years of CBT i have had! I will be back again in the future for some non pregnancy classes.

Good luck to everyone there and it was so nice to meet all of them. (If none of that made sense I’m approaching the ‘I’ve been awake for 24hrs straight cluster-feeding’ mark! So apologies!’

Hope you have a nice class tonight

Vicky Crosthwaite  xxx