Kelly’s Story

“Can I first say thanks for all the help & tips given throughout the classes I attended, they proved invaluable not only when it came to the birth but also throughout my pregnancy.

I give birth to my beautiful baby girl Freya Ann Irlam on Sunday 09/10/11 at 7:50 weighing a very healthy 8lb 7oz. My story starts on the Saturday 8th October when I was booked in for a sweep at APH as I was 1 week overdue. When I went in at 9:00 they checked my BP which came back high and I also had protein in my urine all signs of preeclampsia so they told me they were keeping me in to induce me. Wasn’t what I had planned but didnt have much choice in the matter, they took me up to the ward and sent my partner home to get my bag etc. They advised me they needed to insert a tablet to weaken my cervix so they could then burst my waters and would put me on hormone drip to start the contractions – after a bit of a stress I quickly calmed down after my partner telling me there was nothing I could do about it and its best for the baby.

They inserted the tablet and I then had to wait 6 hours before they could examine me again. I started to get mild period pains after about an hour and so decided to go for a walk but had to ‘check in’ at the ward every hour. After 3 walks and 6 hours later they examined me and there was no change so they advised they had to insert a second tablet and examine me again in another 6 hours. The pains started to get worse and this is where the breathing exercises we had done every week came in useful. My partner had also attended the birthing partner class which was great as he was doing them with me and counting my out breath to make sure my out breath was longer than my in breath.

6 hours later with the pains getting stronger they examined me again and I was only 1 cm dilated but needed to be 2 cm before they could break my waters! I had not been mobile over the last 6 hours as it was through the night and I was on hourly observations. They then advised me they could insert a 3rd tablet but if this didnt work they were taking me down for a C-section – this was the last thing I wanted! My partner asked the nurse for a birthing ball and after inserting the last tablet I was determined I was not getting on that bed and went for 2 long walks around the outside of the hospital and spent lots of time on all 4’s over the ball (again thanks for all the tips!).

The pains were getting stronger and lasting longer and I was convinced these were contractions although the nurses kept calling them niggles. All I kept saying to my partner is “If these are niggles what are the contractions going to be like?” Every time I felt one coming me and my partner would start the straw breathing to get me through it. I was due to me examined at 4:30 however at 4:00 I stood up to go the toilet and my waters broke. I was very relieved this had happened naturally but the pain then kicked in! I was taken down to labour ward and was 5cm dilated so they didnt have to put me on the hormone drip as originally planned. After an hour and half and lots of deep breathing (with the help of the gas & air) my body wanted to push, I kept thinking “surely not have I only been in full labour for hour and half!” but midwife said go with it and see what happens. I was on the bed at this point and was attatched to monitors with my BP being high they needed to keep a check on baby’s heart rate. When I was pushing I could feel baby coming however when I had ran out off push I could also feel her going back in.

Through all my ante natal and yoga classes I had been told about staying mobile and knew as I was on the bed the baby was going uphill so asked the midwife if I could kneel or get on all 4s. As the midwife could see babies head she took me off monitors, once I got on all 4s I had Freya 3 pushes later 🙂 In total my labour was 2 hours 50 mins from waters breaking then I had my gorgeous baby girl in my arms. I was very shocked to be holding a girl as everyone had convinced me I was having a boy!

The pregnancy yoga definately helped me through my labour and as I had been doing the breathing excerices eery week since I was 16 weeks pregnant I didnt have to give them much thought and they came naturally. With my partner attending in the birthing partner class as well meant he could support me in the breathing and has learnt some massage and comforting techniques to help me through my labour. The yoga also helped me through my pregnancy giving me a good weekly stretch out and routines to do on the birthing ball.

Thanks again for all your advice and help I would definately recommend you to friends. xx”