Jane Coffee’s Birth Story

Iris Coffee-Milnes born  Monday 15/5/17 at 02:36am weighing a decent 7lb 8oz.

Hi  Anne and Mummies to be! hope you’re all okay.

She’s here and she arrived in true style. Lol… Things started moving on Friday night last week. Pre labour signs won’t go into tmi. I started having cramps from then on in starting low in my back, bum and around my tum. Couldn’t sit on the couch so birthing ball all the way. Figure of eights, small bounces and side to side, round and round seemed to help. At this point they weren’t consistent so assumed Braxton hicks had stepped up a notch. This continued till early hours Saturday morning. Sunday the cramps had become a bit more intense found myself doing Golden Thread Breath focussing on a longer out Breath throughout the day to get me through the cramps carried on with plans for the day as normal. By about 11pm cramps were stronger and longer lasting and shorter timings between each one. These continued till 1am then rung APH. Was asked how far apart contractions were and was managing to talk through them whilst on the phone.

Was told to observe timing  and take some paracetamol and rest. Followed orders. Within half an hour contractions were more intense so rung up and started making arrangements to go in. Was on the ball rocking and breathing, waiting for Nanny to turn up to look after 21 month old. Nanny turned up at 2am just as I was having a contraction. Baby was beginning to crown in the living room!! Got notes and put myself into the car … gingerly!! Had two contractions whilst en route to hospital that intense I needed to push. Golden thread breath!! Got me through them….just. Arrived at hospital at 2:20am had another contraction on getting out the car didn’t manage GTB this time. (Found myself not coping and being told by my partner to shush did not go down well in the middle of the hospital car park.) Midwife was out straight away with a wheelchair to the car! Wheeled straight in as fast as the nurse could pull me bless her as she was only dainty. Lol… into the room fully dilated,  waters were broken by midwife within 5 mins head was out and another 5 mins body out and here she was all 7lb 8oz of her! 2:36am just made it to hospital. 😁 can honestly say that it was a completely different birthing experience to last time and I’m pretty sure that’s down to all the yoga practice and birthing ball sessions and breathing techniques I’ve done in Class. Definitely Golden Thread Breath was my saviour got me to fully dilated at home. Andy my partner couldn’t believe how calm I was this time around compared to the last time. So a massive thank you to Ann for everything you’ve taught me in class it worked a charm. I hope to be returning to yoga once I’ve had my six week check up. Ladies I wish all of you the best of luck on your pending arrivals and hope your birthing experiences are as positive as mine. Keep up the Yoga! Again thank- you Ann.

Love me and Baby Iris. Xx


Namaste xxx