Sarah Sutcliffe’s Birth Story

Hi Ann,

Baby Ollie was born 15th October at 11:38am weighing a whopping 12lb 13oz!!

Birth story

At term plus 10 days I was taken in to begin the induction process after trying every old wives tale, several times! When at the hospital I was given a pessary and waited 24 hours in the hope it would make enough change to my cervix in order for them to brake my waters and to kick start labour. It was a long drawn out 24 hours. I used my breathing techniques and visitations of the water birth I hoped for to remain calm and in control. Unfortunately after 24 hours I was assessed and there was no change to my cervix so it was decided to put me on the hormone drip. I was taken down to labour ward and my mobility was now restricted as I was hooked up to a monitor and drip. When first entering the room I had a mini meltdown the environment was very clinical and million miles away from the serene water birth I’d so  hoped for. But after a little cry I managed to pull myself together. My partner had been to the birthing class and quickly recognised I needed his help. He rested his forehead onto mine and began counting for my breathing. This helped me to zone back in and gain some control. So now I changed my visualisation to just holding my baby for the first time. I was attached to the drip for 6 hours. I was in no pain for these 6 hours so it was just waiting game. After 6 hours there had been a slight change and I was 1cm dilated this was just enough for midwives to attempt to brake my waters. I used the gas and air to help me remain calm and third time lucky they managed to brake them. The hormone drip then really kicked in and contractions came thick and fast! I had gas and air to help me through the next 4 hours of intense labour. After 4 hours I was assessed again to find there had been no change made. Due to my waters already being broken and no change it was decided to take me to theatre. Baby Ollie was to be born through the sun roof and boy was I pleased he was when I found out how much he weighed!! During the c-section I was heavily drugged up and there where some complications so the only thing I could do was heavily rely on my partner who didn’t let me down. He counted through my breathing, talked me through everything that was happening. Spoke about how magical the moment would be when we would see our baby for the first time. All these things kept me as calm as possible in a situation I had zero control over.

Needless to say Ollie is happy, healthy, baby boy who you might of seen made front page news in the echo this week as he is the heaviest born baby at Arrowe Park in over a decade!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you Ann so much for everything! I absolutely loved my Tuesday yoga, it was also the evening I always slept the best! The birthing partner class was invaluable to us in labour and I would highly recommend it to all the ladies.

I wish all the ladies at yoga well and please remember not everything goes to plan but the outcome is just the best ever!! It really it doesn’t matter how our babies get here. It’s just so magical when they arrive.

Good luck everyone!