Deb’s Hendry Birth Story

Hi Ann, hope you’re well 😊

Today was my due date but as you know I ended up having the little one a few days early by elective c section because he was breech. (I’d decided not to attempt the ECV turning as he’d been in that position for so long and thought it better not to disturb him!) I’d dreaded the thought of a section as I’m so squeamish – I’ve been known to faint from looking at a fairly minor wound 😂 and although I knew I wouldn’t be able to see anything, the thought of being awake during it and the recovery afterwards could have easily driven me mad and affected the happiness of the experience. Anyway, I had planned to spend loads of time the week before the op meditating and practising yoga breathing but nesting kicked in and time ran away with me. But both the night before and on the day I used a number of the breathing techniques from class to keep me calm – at least on the outside and surprised myself at how well they worked – not a meltdown or panic attack in sight haha. In fact I recited your “calmly I breathe in, even more calmly I breathe out” at a 4/8 ratio whilst he was being delivered and the surgeon had to ask me to breathe faster as my blood pressure was dropping too much 😂

Little Dustin Miles Hendry was born on Friday 30th June at 11.20am. He weighed 8lb 4oz and is just adorable we are both besotted 💙 I’ll send you a couple of pics.

The recovery is going really well so far, touch wood, it hasn’t been as bad as I’d expected. I can absolutely see now though why you suggest that people can benefit from the yoga techniques when breastfeeding their babies though as it is a struggle!

Thanks again for all your help throughout the pregnancy, I’ve really enjoyed the classes and will certainly be back if I decide to have anymore!

Good luck to all the girls, and on a separate note I hope your husband recovers well and wish you all the best Ann xxx