Natalie O’Brien’s Story

Hi Ann,

Please forgive how late this mail is. I suppose all new mums have the same excuse……babies are very time consuming!

Anyway, I had a little girl (a surprise after so many people said my bump resembled a boy) exactly on my due date, 25th July at 5.41am. She weighed 7lb 15 and we have called her Lucy Margaret O’Brien.

My labour was 27 hours, which was a pretty long stint. I stayed at home for 10 hours and did yoga with my husband, Michael, using many strategies that we learnt in the birthing partner class. I managed to go into the birthing pool after 17 hours but I was not dilating so I had to get out and push. That did not work either so forceps were used unsuccessfully and Lucy ended up being delivered by emergency c section after a spinal injection.

Although the labour was long, I managed to do 16 hours using only yoga techniques that you taught me, which I feel is a real achievement. Obviously I went through a range of birthing experiences and I think that yoga helped me to stay really positive throughout it all. Michael felt much more in control having been to the birthing class so I would urge anyone to try and attend one of those classes as birthing partners can feel helpless. Knowing some yoga techniques really helps them to feel that they can support you. I would also advise that the women who attend your class make friends in pregnancy yoga because the support once the baby is here is invaluable and very different to friends who may have children but are not experiencing having a baby at the same time as you.

What you taught me has been amazing even now that Lucy is here. Babies are hard work and no matter how calm you try and stay, tiredness does prevail, but walking away for a few minutes and using yoga makes it easier to handle any situation. I am so grateful for all your help and support throughout my pregnancy. You were always there for advice and the classes were so enjoyable. I really do miss them. Once the visits have calmed down, I will come to see you with Becky Rainbow-Freil and our little girls.

I hope you are well and I will see you soon,

Natalie xx