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Yoga for you, whatever your age, skill level or experience…

Regardless of how fit (or unfit!) you feel, or how much prior experience you have of Yoga, I have developed a range of enjoyable, friendly,  informal in person and online classes just for you. Everyone is welcome at our beautiful studio, a little dedicated space and oasis of calm at Yoga You Sanctuary 235 Liscard Road, Wallasey, Wirral, CH44 5TH 

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A Warm Welcome awaits you at Yoga You Sanctuary ..providing opportunities to empower you to be the best that you can!


 Yoga You Sanctuary

(updated info 22 December 2021)

Dearest Yoga You Sanctuary Friends,

Dear All ,  

Hope you’re all doing as well as can be in these ongoing challenging times and learning to adapt to life as it is now.  Many people may have new stresses, strains and difficulties but please remember (as I will myself) that if the blues start to bite your derrière, you are only one yoga class away from a good mood- and our regular yoga practice can really help ride the waves of change in all aspects of life more easily.

At this moment in time, for personal reasons I have decided to stay with just the classes shown on the class timetables page http://www.yogayousanctuary.co.uk/classes/ with Face to Face, Zoom and Vimeo availability  and some occasional workshops to be published on the events page in due course  http://www.yogayousanctuary.co.uk/yoga-events-workshops/

After much deliberation I have also decided for the time being not to re-instate the Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs Courses (seehttp://www.yogayousanctuary.co.uk/yoga-for-healthy-lower-backs/ )  or Pregnancy Yoga (see http://www.yogayousanctuary.co.uk/news-events/ ) but to refer interested parties to my wonderful yoga colleagues Kate Knowles https://yogawithkate.vpweb.co.uk/  and Clare Wilson Hasted https://loveyogawirral.co.uk/about  respectively ,

As many of you are aware I currently have twelve spaces available for face to face yoga places in each class, these places are usually in high demand and so current students are asked to book themselves in for FULL monthly bookings by 15th day of the preceding month. Please confirm your place with me before making payment.

After mid month I will open the booking system up to new students who I have kept on a list up until now, or I shall offer ‘Drop In’ places.

In the event of further pandemic lockdowns the following choices are available for cancelled face to face classes:  a full refund , a carry forward of fees to re-opening,  Zoom or Vimeo links with partial refund or carry forward as these classes are cheaper.  

For the moment I will take face to face monthly bookings for classes up to two months ahead of time at the published payment levels shown at this link and for new students a health form must be completed before commencing classes:- http://www.yogayousanctuary.co.uk/registration-forms/   I will review how things are working as we progress.

Swops- Face to Face Class swops are not available –  A Vimeo will be sent for missed classes. Online swop zoom classes within the month booked are permitted if you contact me with a minimum of a days notice otherwise a Vimeo will be sent.

This system is in place as I have experienced a lot of uncertainty with face to face attendees leaving it until the last minute to complete a booking and then sometimes it’s too late for new students to commit for the month and so for sustainability  there is a need for these more manageable solutions. 

For online zoom/ vimeo classes, monthly booking payments- these  are appreciated a week before the end of the month in order for all links to be made in a timely manner. 

All classes are available on a simultaneous live Zoom link . All classes are recorded and also available on Vimeo , valid for a week.

Pandemic– There are some important  protocols at Yoga You Sanctuary for ongoing pandemic responsibilities and I would be grateful for everyone’s safety  if you would take these matters on board please.

Pre-pandemic there were up to 20 spaces available in each class in the studio and currently spaces are now limited to a max of 12 persons in the studio for face to face teaching .

The current spacing allows some social distancing , hand sanitisation is available at designated points , ventilation procedures are in place and mask wearing is encouraged until you are on your own mat.

Please also continue to use your own equipment wherever possible. Hopefully these protocols offer some reassurance to those worried about covid whilst trying to strike a balance between a number of factors and continue with our yoga practice.

Late Comer’s:  although every effort will be made I cannot always be guarantee access to zoom or face to face classes if you are late as it is very  disruptive, so punctuality is really appreciated to assist a prompt start to class. There’s an average of 20 mins pre class  arrival or login times available – a Vimeo will be issued if classes are missed. 

Missed Classes:  If face to face classes are missed for any reason there will no longer be a facility  to swop classes and a VIMEO recording valid for a week is automatically sent. If I have enough notice I will try to fill the space with someone booked on Zoom for the month already.  Missed Zoom classes will also receive a VIMEO recording valid for a week automatically.

Drop In places:  Face to Face class cost is £8.50 – these classes are not always available as priority is always given to monthly bookings.  Zoom & Vimeo Drop In places cost £6 per session and are always available.

Online Prep :  Follow this link on my website for the class timetable and extra tips on how to prepare for an online class :- http://www.yogayousanctuary.co.uk/classes/

As many of you are aware yoga has always been something I absolutely love and over the years I’ve gained wide ranging experience having practiced since 1980 and teaching since 1998.

Just like many of my students yoga is more than just something you might do once a week, and without sounding over the top , being a seeker of truth, and peaceful living – I do try to bring these more philosophical elements into my yoga practice and teaching with fresh weekly lesson plans designed to tap into what is resonating with myself and hopefully others at the time .

In these unprecedented times especially, it is my firm belief that the benefits of a regular, authentic , mindful yoga practice offer so much support and self healing that it’s a really positive choice to create a regular yoga pattern.

The dualities of life are definitely unavoidable and at times I’m sure we all reach the depths of despair, however I do know from experience that yoga can really help the pursuit of happiness and finding balance in all that is precious and meaningful.

It is strikingly obvious to me that so often financial considerations for life, old age and eventually demise seem to outweigh the apparent comparative mostly small time investment for health and well-being here and now !

Yoga addresses all levels of being , it is an ancient timeless practice that I believe pays dividends tenfold for the time investment made and for me has been the best investment ‘ in self help’ – the shift it can create is palpable and oftentimes life changing.

In addition to yoga practice, Yoga You Sanctuary has been since November 2010 a welcoming community space where we not only practice safe and rejuvenating yoga but we also find ways to fundraise and support others,  this was continued through early lockdown months and is summarized at http://www.yogayousanctuary.co.uk/community-work/

The health and well-being of my students and self is paramount and so for reassurance there is a list shown below* of Covid response changes already made which meet all legal and local authority  requirements . Your cooperation with the rules and regulations is much appreciated. The teachers at Yoga You Sanctuary  have had the relevant covid vaccinations .

Looking forward to seeing you soon 


Ann xxx

Ann Simmonett 

Studio Director at Yoga You Sanctuary ,  Hatha Yoga Teacher, BWY Dip 2003,  CYF Dip 1998, BWY Pregnancy Cert 2004, YHLB Certified Teacher 2013, IYN Yoga Elder 2018, Holistic Therapist since 2007 , Yoga Therapy training for Burnout, CFS & Long Covid 2021

See  ABOUT ANN for more info

* Face to Face Classes: ‘Staying  COVID-19 SECURE’

  1. Permitted social distancing – marked out mat spaces with numbers restricted up to 12 persons and a wide bandwidth of time allowed before and after each class to allow for staged arrival and departures in order to minimise crowding in the reception area..
  2. Airy room with door open to outside when possible and HEPA/ UV    air filters which aid removal of virus and bacteria.
  3. Provision of non touch automatic hand sanitising units
  4. Temperature reading of each person with Infrared thermometer may be taken on arrival (you are asked not to attend if you are unwell or have a temperature and to take regular lateral flow tests twice a week and a pcr test if the lateral flow test is positive).
  5. Individual separated hooks for coats and a plastic bag for any other belongings, please only bring to the studio that which is necessary.
  6. Provision of spotlessly clean dedicated yoga studio which is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each class including all door handles, floors , toilet and a regular deep clean of whole building.
  7. Students are asked to wear a mask entering and leaving the premises -and only remove their mask once on the yoga mat, masks and gloves are available at the studio for those who want them.
  8. Students are requested not to congregate outside the studio before or after class and to remain at a safe distance to each other.
  9. Teacher will wear PPE as students enter and leave and modify lesson plans in order to minimise any practice which may cause droplets or aerosol emissions to increase.
  10. All Students attending Yoga You Sanctuary in person or online must complete a health questionnaire and provide contact details, in person information may be used for track and trace purposes.
  11. A detailed, regularly reviewed risk assessment has been completed in accordance with legal requirements, covid safety accountability and compliance with notices publicly displayed  .

What you need to do to attend a class

  1. MAKE ENQUIRY  if not sure, download health form from website if new student, complete it and send to me before class.
  2. MAKE SURE you are Covid symptom free before attending and if unsure please take a test.
  3. PAY IN ADVANCE  for monthly bookings, drop in classes or courses –for online classes the fee is per person please and not per household. There are no booking fees. Please see ways to make payment below.
  4. For Face To Face Class it is essential to bring your own equipment- mat, blocks, strap, blanket,  water .
  5. PLEASE ! Be Punctual!! Arrive at least 10 mins early to Zoom or Studio – Online Waiting Room will open up to 20 mins before class and Studio Door open 30 mins before class , 20 mins before Wednesday 8.10pm class . This is something I’ve always done to allow some communication time and if anyone needs to speak with me prior to class, it is not intended for zoom instruction 😊
  6. FOR ONLINE CLASSES Download Free Basic Zoom App from the App Store – this is easy, either practice with friends or follow online tutorials. Make payment and message me, await Confirmation or  Zoom Link

In Zoom Classes:

A link will be sent to you once payment has been made and you have messaged me to let me know contact details and who the booking is for.

You have a duty of care to yourself as it is very difficult for me to see individuals clearly and so as usual modification advice will be offered and I ask you to use your own judgment in how you follow instruction.


Mob- 07521 768590

E- yoga4ne1@btinternet.com, Facebook Messenger @yogayousanctuary



Welcome to all Beginners:

If you are completely new to Yoga, or a beginner, there’s no need to feel embarrassed or anxious that you won’t be able to do it – you will, because I treat everyone as an individual and structure my classes to suit and support each of you, giving advice and modifications as necessary.

Experienced Practitioners:
Alternatively, if you’re an experienced Yoga practitioner, my classes allow you to challenge yourself at your own pace as I have designed a number of programmes that will help develop your skills and knowledge further – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Yoga for Pregnancy:
After running pregnancy yoga classes since from 2004 to 2019 I can vouch for the wonderful benefits yoga offers during and after Pregnancy. Although I am not running  pregnancy yoga classes currently at Yoga You Sanctuary information on where to find a class may be found at  Pregnancy Yoga Classes page and you may wish to read some of our client’s amazing here  Birthing Stories


Yoga For Backs :

The course is not currently available at Yoga You Sanctuary but our  Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs page which gives you more information about finding a course and insight as to what the course offers. Research and validation for this highly effective award winning course may be found on www.yogaforbacks.co.uk

         See video feedback from previous Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs Student https://www.facebook.com/389765661154291/videos/646625448801643/?video_source=pages_finch_main_video






There are no Yoga classes on the following dates –


Wednesday 16 March 2022 to Friday 18 March 2022 inclusive 

Monday 25 July 2022 to Friday 5 August 2022 inclusive


Gift Vouchers Available – Give a Gift of Love

Why not treat a friend or loved one to a very special gift? Our gift vouchers can be used for a wide variety of classes and events and the vouchers are valid for one whole year .Contact us here at Yoga You to organise a voucher to the value of your chosen activity and give a special someone a gift of love and positivity.



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