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Regardless of how fit (or unfit!) you feel, or how much prior experience you have of Yoga, I have developed a range of enjoyable, friendly and informal classes just for you. Everyone is welcome at our beautiful studio, a little dedicated space and oasis of calm at Yoga You Sanctuary 235 Liscard Road, Wallasey, Wirral, CH44 5TH (Click here for location, directions,parking  & contact info)….. And  for those of you wishing to practice yoga online there are a number of options available for you also.A Warm Welcome awaits you at Yoga You Sanctuary ..providing opportunities to empower you to be the best that you can!


 Yoga You Sanctuary  

(updated info  25 Feb 2021)

Dearest Yoga You Sanctuary Friends,

I am hoping that you are all as well as can be and want you to know that I am thinking of you all lots and hoping that you have been able to maintain good  level of health, well-being and some regular yoga practice  since the start of the pandemic.

Some people have been in touch to say that they are desperate to return to Yoga You Sanctuary studio for Face to Face classes, whilst others who have health issues or are shielding for various reasons clearly wish to remain with online classes.

As many of you are aware on Thursday 27 August 2020 the studio did re-open with a YHLB Course and full Covid Safety protocol. Hatha Yoga, Stress Busting Yoga , Rise & Shine Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga all recommenced in September with online capacity and restricted face to face  teachings.

At home, I realise it’s very difficult to replicate human interaction and the energy or ambiance you may find in a live face to face class yoga class at Yoga You Sanctuary and that for some people online classes may be the only option that’s working for you right now,  but we are were we are and we have to do the best that we can within the current guidelines.

Following advice from Wirral Borough Council after a full week further Tier 3 closure it was permitted from 24 October 2020 to again reopen Yoga You Sanctuary with a continuation of all the Covid Safety Regulations in place. However from Thursday 5 November 2020 as the pandemic increased another full lockdown measure came into place lasting until  Wednesday 2 December 2020 forcing all Face to Face teaching to cease temporarily again.

Tier 2 restrictions operable with effect from 2 December 2020 allowed  a reopening of Face to Face teaching however for personal reasons myself and colleague Kate Knowles decided to stay with online classes with a view to reopen on 4 January 2021,  but as we now know the new tighter Tier 3 restrictions came into effect from 31 December 2020.

So once again with a heavy heart I informed you that the new tightened covid Tier 3 regulations preventing  the running of any group exercise classes which unfortunately also includes yoga classes in all Tier 3 regions.
Even with strict covid protocols in place within Yoga You Sanctuary and only seven students allowed in class we are still not permitted or insured to open whilst in Tier 3 now. Therefore once again we are back to Zoom and Vimeo choices which are proving to be a lifeline for so many.
Arrangements for any class credits , deferment or refunds due will be made with each individual, Classes and Events are shown via these links.

http://www.yogayousanctuary.co.uk/classes/   and


In addition to yoga practice, Yoga You Sanctuary has been for the past ten years been a welcoming community space where we not only practice safe and rewarding yoga but we also find ways to fundraise and support others – this has continued through early lockdown months and is summarised at


My prices have been comparatively low without any price increase for many years and now due to severely restricted numbers in the studio  and a myriad of extra expenses and intense cleaning work, a price increase has been introduced for face to face teaching .

To offset this increase the zoom class prices will remain the same, with a concession available for those who need it without explanation to me. Simply chose your payment option from the link below and proceed as instructed.

Please note that payments do not incur further additional booking fees.  Details of prices and payments may be found here:-


There will be no longer a facility to swop classes in the future and a VIMEO link (valid for a week) will be offered in recompense for missed classes instead.

If demand for face to face teaching outweighs capacity then a rota wait list will be held for monthly bookings in this category.

ALL Classes at Yoga You Sanctuary  online and face to face (when permitted)  will run simultaneously showing only the teacher on the recording .

My lovely friend and talented teacher Kate Knowles has 2 Monday morning  classes  and payment for these is to  be made directly to Kate in person or via her website  https://yogawithkate.vpweb.co.uk/stress-buster-yoga 

Yoga has always been something I absolutely love and as many of you are aware I’ve gained wide ranging experience over the years, having practiced since 1980 and taught since 1998 and like many of my students being a seeker of truth, peace and love continually looking for ways to maintain and continue my yoga practice and teaching in these unprecedented times.

The health and well-being of my students and self is paramount and so there is a list of all the Covid response changes already made is shown below*

I hope this will provide some re-assurance for you and if there is anything else I can reasonably do please let me know as I obviously don’t have all the answers and will always do the best I can in these extremely challenging times.

Perhaps further adjustments will be required in due course and I will review regularly how things are working-  please note there is a new Thursday evening Therapeutic Yoga Class now available,


I look forward to seeing you all SOON face to face or online and in the meantime I send you lots of love and fingers crossed for happier times after May 17th 2021 ☀️🙏🏻☀️

Ann xxx

Ann Simmonett  Studio Director at Yoga You Sanctuary ,  Hatha Yoga Teacher, BWY Dip 2003,  CYF Dip 1998, BWY Pregnancy Cert 2004, YHLB Certified Teacher 2013, IYN Yoga Elder 2018, Holistic Therapist since 2007- See  ABOUT ANN for more info

* Face to Face Classes: ‘Staying  COVID-19 SECURE’

  1. Social distancing – marked out mat spaces 2 m apart and a wide bandwidth of time allowed before and after each class to allow for staged arrival and departures in order to maintain social distancing.
  2. Airy room with door open to outside when possible and HEPA/ UV    air filters which aid removal of virus and bacteria.
  3. Provision of non touch automatic hand sanitising units
  4. Temperature reading of each person with Infrared thermometer on arrival (you are asked not to attend if you are unwell or have a temperature).
  5. Individual separated hooks for coats and a plastic bag for any other belongings, please only bring to the studio that which is necessary.
  6. Provision of spotlessly clean dedicated yoga studio which is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each class including all door handles, floors , toilet and a regular deep clean of whole building.
  7. Students are asked to wear a mask entering and leaving the premises – masks and gloves are on sale at purchase price for those who want them.
  8. Students are requested not to congregate outside the studio before or after class and to remain at a social distance to each other.
  9. Teacher will wear PPE as students enter and leave and modify lesson plans in order to minimise any practice which may cause droplets or aerosol emissions to increase.
  10. All Students attending Yoga You Sanctuary must complete a health questionnaire and provide contact details for track and trace purposes.
  11. A detailed, regularly reviewed risk assessment has been completed in accordance with legal requirements, covid safety accountability and compliance with notices publicly displayed  .

What you need to do to attend a class

  1. MAKE ENQUIRY  if not sure, download health form from website if new student, complete it and send to me before class.
  2. MAKE SURE you are Covid symptom free before attending.
  3. PAY IN ADVANCE  for monthly bookings, drop in classes or courses –for online classes the fee is per person please and not per household. There are no booking fees. Please see ways to make payment below.
  4. For Face To Face Class it is essential to bring your own equipment- mat, blocks, strap, blanket,  water .
  5. PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE ! Be Punctual!! Arrive at least 10 mins early to Zoom or Studio – Online Waiting Room will open 30 mins before class and Studio Door open 30 mins before class. This is something I’ve always done to allow some chat time and if anyone needs to speak with me prior to class, it is not intended for zoom instruction 😊
  6. FOR ONLINE CLASSES Download Free Basic Zoom App from the App Store – this is easy, either practice with friends or follow online tutorials. Make payment and message me, await Confirmation or  Zoom Link

In Zoom Classes:

A link will be sent to you once payment has been made and you have messaged me to let me know contact what the booking is for.

You have a duty of care to yourself as it is very difficult for me to see individuals clearly and so as usual modification advice will be offered and I ask you to use your own judgement in how you follow instruction.

Follow this link on my website for extra tips on how to prepare for the online class :-  http://www.yogayousanctuary.co.uk/classes/


Mob- 07521 768590,  Landline- 0151 639 9699,

E- yoga4ne1@btinternet.com, Facebook Messenger @yogayousanctuary



Welcome to all Beginners:

If you are completely new to Yoga, or a beginner, there’s no need to feel embarrassed or anxious that you won’t be able to do it – you will, because I treat everyone as an individual and structure my classes to suit and support each of you, giving advice and modifications as necessary.

Experienced Practitioners:
Alternatively, if you’re an experienced Yoga practitioner, my classes allow you to challenge yourself at your own pace as I have designed a number of programmes that will help develop your skills and knowledge further – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Yoga for Pregnancy:
Yoga offers you wonderful benefits during and after Pregnancy – please see our Pregnancy Yoga Classes page for more information and read some of our client’s amazing Birthing Stories.


NEW COURSES ! Announcing more dates  for the extremely effective 12-week course promoting

 ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’  always run Thursday evening’s  6pm  to 7.15pm on set dates

  • The course is divided into two six-week blocks. For full details, please see our  Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs page which gives you more information  and insight as to what the course offers. Research and validation for this highly effective award winning course may be found on www.yogaforbacks.co.uk

         See video feedback from previous Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs Student https://www.facebook.com/389765661154291/videos/646625448801643/?video_source=pages_finch_main_video



Pregnancy Support  Team is an exclusive reference point provided by Yoga You Sanctuary enabling access to a specialist team of local, highly qualified therapeutic professionals dedicated to supporting you on your journey towards conception, as well as during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. The team consists of qualified professionals offering therapeutic services, including:-

  • Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Partner Classes
  • Homeopathy
  • Life Coaching
  • Tapping (Thought Field Therapy)

Please visit the Your Pregnancy Support Team page and learn more about the individual therapists and the services we offer. You can also download a PDF version of our therapist flyers for more information.

Empower yourself throughout the year...

Why not empower yourself with self-nurturing, health-sustaining Yoga or Pilates practice. Yoga You Sanctuary welcomes students of all abilities. Have a look at the Class descriptions to see what is most appealing to you, or perhaps think about booking yourself on to one of our many Events, or treat yourself to any of our Complementary Therapies listed…that may be just the ticket to enhance your well-being!


There are no Yoga classes on the following dates –


Ann’s Classes Finish on 11 December 2020

Kates’s Classes Finish on 21 December 2020

Studio Re-opens on Monday 4 January 2021

Gift Vouchers Available – Give a Gift of Love

Why not treat a friend or loved one to a very special gift? Our gift vouchers can be used for a wide variety of classes and events and the vouchers are valid for one whole year .Contact us here at Yoga You to organise a voucher to the value of your chosen activity and give a special someone a gift of love and positivity.



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