Tracey Sherlock’s Birth Story


Hi Ann,

I hope you are well!

Before I never get round to sending you this like last time, I thought I had best send you my twin birth story….

As you know, I was due to be induced last Monday.  So I was in Arrowe Park at 1pm and later in the afternoon given a pessary to try and get labour going naturally.  By 8.30pm, I was starting to have small contractions but was only 1-2cm dilated so the midwife sent the hubby at home at 10pm.  However, typically as soon as he left, the contractions started getting much worse with him being called back and me being admitted to labour ward at 1am.  By this point, I was managing the contractions just fine and focusing on my breathing as we have practiced over the last few months.

However, Twin 1’s heartbeat was difficult to monitor so they decided to break my waters to attach something to the head so that they could monitor it properly.  this is when the contractions really kicked off and felt worse than when I was nearly ready to push with my daughter!  I couldn’t believe it when they told me that at this point I was only 4cm and it was then they offered me an epidural, which I accepted!!

I was then checked every 4 hours and very little progress was made.  At 11am, they decision was made to put me on the hormone drip with the view that if I didn’t progress any further, I would be given a c-section at 3.30pm.  Fortunately, things moved on and the decision was made that I could begin to deliver at 4.15pm.  The room suddenly filled with people, including students who had come in especially to witness a twin birth!  I delivered Evan at 4.20pm, weighing 6lbs 5oz.  Twin 2 did not want to come as easy…..and Neve was pulled out feet first 15 minutes later, weighing 5lbs 14oz. The whole of the delivery team could not believe how calm and focused I was during the pushing stage and if I took one thing from the last few months in yoga, it was to focus on keeping my out breath longer than my in breath which helped me remain calm, even when things were very dramatic in the delivery room!

It was a pretty traumatic birth and I lost a lot of blood and had to stay in for five days in total.  I am now pleased to be home and being kept awake lots by my beautiful twins. 🙂

Many thanks for all your support over the last few months.  This is my second (and last!!) time at pregnancy yoga and I cannot recommend it highly enough.  Here is a little piccy of my little twinnies…

Take care and thanks again.

Love Tracy