Andrea Mcloughlin’s Birth Story

Dear Ann

Just writing to let you know about the safe arrival of our beautiful daughter Emily Jane on Father’s Day weighing 8lb 6oz.

First of all a thank you. The pregnancy classes gave me time to focus on our new baby. They kept me calm in the months leading up to the birth and were a real highlight of each week. I used the breathing techniques to keep me calm when I had moments late at night where my mind was racing. And the birthing ball helped me focus on the baby’s position and gave me great relief.

I was overdue by a week which was my son’s third birthday. We were really hoping that the baby would hold on! We went for a walk & ice cream down at new Brighton and by the time we were back I had a show. This was about 4pm. We carried on as normal with dinner and after my son was in bed I had a relaxing bath. It wasn’t until 9pm that the slight contractions began to intensify. From then on I tried resting in bed, then on my birthing ball. At midnight I began using my Tens machine which really helped distract me. We rang the hospital & they asked us to wait another hour before coming in. So we waited and didn’t arrive until 2.30am, and when examined as I was about 4-5cm along. We were the only couple in labour so we picked the Daisy birthing room which had a pool attached. I used the hospital’s birthing ball (plenty big enough) ours was in the car in case! I tried standing as well to keep the contractions coming. The tens machine was still doing a good job plus my breathing.

As we hadn’t been to bed I did eventually get v tired as the contractions became longer and stronger so used gas and air and lay on the bed as my legs were not supporting me as well. I then counted down to the next examination so I could hopefully use the pool. Each contraction was a step closer to meeting our baby. By 7am my waters had broken and I entered the pool. The water provided great relief and supported my body. Steve gave me sips of water in between contractions which helped to keep me hydrated and a new midwife arrived at 8am. I wasn’t convinced I’d be having our baby in the pool but as Steve told me she had her apron on, I knew we were nearly there! I pushed for around 20 minutes and managed to get our baby’s head out. The midwife was brilliant & realised there was a slight problem. Before I knew it, Steve and the midwife had lifted me out of the pool and baby Emily arrived at 8.46am. She cried a loud cry and we knew all was well. Apparently her shoulder was slightly stuck hence the minor emergency. At all times we felt the situation was under control. Back on the bed we had lovely skin to skin time. Steve enjoyed this too and gave Emily her first feed. We were so pleased with our experience and the way Arrowe Park looked after us. And it goes without saying that we are totally in love with our beautiful baby girl.

Lastly thank you again. The classes taught me so much. I would recommend pregnancy yoga to all mummies to be. I will miss our Tuesdays together and I wish all the other ladies a safe, calm and wonderful delivery of their baby.

With love and thanks

Andrea & Steve x x