Deborah Paterson’s Story

“I am not sure if the news got to you but baby Logan Paterson was born on Sunday 21st Nov 2010 at 4.20am weighing 6lb15. Before I launch into my birth story can I just thank you a million times over for helping me have a great pregnancy. I found the yoga invaluable. I knew that no matter what the week held for me that I would leave your class on a Thursday feeling fab. I felt invigorated when tired, my sinuses cleared when I had the cold, my back pain was relieved within 2 weeks…..the benefits were endless!

Onto the birth!! I started feeling twinges at about 3am on Saturday 20th Nov, I managed to stay in bed and relax using deep breathing. I got up about 7am and put my TENS machine on which provided great distraction. The contractions were a little sporadic coming between 2 and 10 minutes. I kept myself active during the day managing 2 walks and going to watch a rugby match!!! TENS and breathing exercises were a big help.

At 8pm I felt like the contractions were getting stronger but they were still sporadic. We went up to Arrowe Park where they tried to tell me I was just having Braxton Hicks as I was far too calm. I was devastated, if these were Braxton Hicks what on earth were real contractions going to be like!!! The midwife offered to give me a sweep where she found I was actually 3cm dilated! Phew!! We went home so I could continue with relaxation techniques. Knowing I was definitely going to give birth I thought I’d give my favourite bumble bee breathing a go. Steve thought he would join in which made me laugh, if anyone could have seen us!

I stayed at home until 1am and still felt very much in control and relaxed.

When we went back to the hospital I was 5-6cm dilated so they started filling the pool for a waterbirth. The midwife thought the baby may be back to back so I stayed mobile for the next hour walking about to try and get him in a better position. At 2am I was about to get into the pool as the contractions were pretty strong. The midwife did one more check but unfortunately the baby was getting very distressed and we were rushed through to the delivery unit.

Things went pretty fast from here as they needed to get the wee one out quickly. It was only at this stage that I lost my cool and needed some pain relief. The gas and air was my best friend now and everything else went out the window!! Baby Logan was born with ventouse at 4.20am. Despite his distress he was bright as a button when he entered the world and we were able to breastfeed immediately.

As a result of the traumatic birth, after a few hours, Logan struggled to maintain his blood sugar levels and had to go to the special care unit for a few days. The staff there were amazing and I was able to continue breastfeeding while he was there. After a week in hospital we were allowed home and he has been thriving since. I really miss the yoga and hope to get back to it at the New Year. xxx.”