Emma Jones Birth Story

Hi Ann, it’s Emma Jones here.

Just to let you know that our little girl Sadie Elizabeth arrived safely on Monday 14th October at 8.53pm weighing 7lb7oz. I’m already feeling sad about having attended my last pregnancy yoga class. It has been the highlight of my week throughout pregnancy and really helped during labour.

The latent phase of my labour was fairly long (over 24 hours) and during this time I was able to utilise a range of breathing strategies that we had practised during the weekly classes. I remember feeling the benefit of the golden thread breath and the alternate nostril breathing particularly during this stage. I was also able to use the birthing ball at home when nothing else was comfortable. It took a couple of position changes to work out what was comfortable so those classes at the beginning of each month were invaluable with this.

Once my labour advanced to the active stage, we were admitted to the midwife-led unit at Arrowe Park. It was a fairly quiet afternoon on the unit so there were plenty of birthing balls (in a range of sizes) available. I could see how these quickly would get used up so I’d still advise taking your own as you always suggest. I used the birthing pool for most of my labour and I remember using the cooling breath at this time too- it was a welcome relief!

There were so many benefits of your pregnancy yoga class on top of the breathing techniques and practical strategies, I feel that my mindset was greatly improved and focused on the task to come and I’m not sure I’d have been able to achieve that on my own. 

Thank you so much for classes and advice. I’d highly recommend the classes to anyone who is expecting. They are a weekly oasis of calm in what can be quite a stressful and tense time! On top of the pregnancy yoga sessions, I’d also highly recommend the pure nidra sessions too-I felt the benefits of this for days following. Hopefully see you again at your lovely studio in the future.

Thank you, Ann. Love Emma x