Josie Jevons Hurst’s Story

“Hi Ann! Hope you are well. Below is my birthing story, I will try and keep it succinct. I SO valued the pregnancy yoga and I’m still using the techniques I learnt even now.

Dylan Anthony Thomas was born on 20/11/11 at 20.12 weighing 7lb14.5oz.

My labour started with my waters breaking at 2am on 20/11/11. I’d had a curry, cuddled another newborn baby and been for a walk the day before whilst eating lots of pineapple and drinking raspberry leaf tea for a few weeks before! So not sure which of these helped spark off labour, if any at all!

I was Term/40 weeks plus 4 days when my waters broke. I was advised to go into hospital to get checked over and my contractions started mildly on the way to hospital. Everything was fine, so I was sent home to go through the latent stage of labour in the comfort of my own surroundings. At 6am I arrived home and got on the birthing ball in my favourite position leaning over it forwards whilst watching Lord of the Rings. My contractions became more painful around 11am so I had a bath to try and help which it did. I was practicing breathing techniques I’d learnt at yoga also.

By 12pm I was in a lot of pain so had 2 paracetamol which didn’t really help so we went back to the hospital. I was examined at 1pm and was only 1cm dilated – so demoralising!! I didn’t want to go home as I live 30mins away from the hospital and was in so much pain so I stayed on labour ward. This was the worst part as my contractions were very painful and I was finding it very difficult to control the pain, trying the birthing ball and gas and air. I had 2 codeine which didn’t really help either. By 4.30 I was in so much pain I was re-examined and I was 5 cm dilated so I could go in the pool. This was amazing and I relaxed straight away.

By 6pm I was fully dilated – v quick!! So I started to push in the pool. During this time I had my relaxation playlist on my ipod docking station in the next room playing which was lovely and it felt really personal. After 1 hour of pushing my contractions were slowing so I got out of the pool to move around. After another hour and 10 mins of pushing (exhausting!) I gave birth to my gorgeous son and it was all worth it. I needed an episiotomy to help deliver him as his head was in the wrong position so I needed stitches. I used gas and air for this with yoga breathing techniques and felt very relaxed.

I’m now loving being a mum. I found pregnancy yoga so helpful in the run up to the birth, during and afterwards – I cannot rate it highly enough – especially the breathing techniques and the use of the birthing ball. Thanks Ann!

Thanks again for everything.”