Vicki Chapman’s Story

“Hi Ann, its been a while – i’ve been meaning to send birth story for ages – but time is flying past now with the two of them 🙂 i don’t know where the days go!

Anyway… Isabelle finally arrived on 15th Jan. Only 4 days overdue but regular contractions started about every 20 mins on the 20th Dec- so it seemed forever.

It gave me plenty if time to practice breathing though! And the birth ball really helped with back ache. Isabelle stayed head down from about 22 weeks and i think the ball really helped with this also.

Finally on the 14th i had enough. Contractions were every three mins
but there was no sign of water breaking. I was so uncomfortable and had strong back and contraction pain so i went to the hospital that evening. I was 3 cm but they said i could stay or go home and wait. I decided to go home and spent the time on my ball with Stu doing massage he learned at birth partner class (he was well practiced at it). My cat still went strange when i did bumble bee breath but it helped me focus! Went to bed after 12 and waters went at 1.10am.

I was always expecting a quick delivery so it was all go! We hotfooted it to hospital and i could feel baby coming as we got to the door. Plenty of golden thread breath on way:) especially as traffic lights turned red just before we got to hospital.

Got to reception and was ready to push. Leaning over the counter i shouted for a bed, trying to keep breathing and out breath longer (although i couldn’t even stand by this point). We arrived at 1.30 and Isabelle was born 1.40am.

The birth went ok although she had totally bloodshot eyes because it was so fast. I also managed to control the pushing with my breathing so i didn’t tear this time – i was quite worried about this after last time.

I still do bumble bee breath with Isabelle on my chest- it calms her:-) and i take 5 mins to do some breathing and relaxation when life gets too hectic (which is quite often)

Hope to see you sometime in the year for regular yoga!

Best wishes

Vikki x”