Chelsi Trippet’s Birth Story

Hi Ann 


Just letting you know Blake Harrison Roberts was born Thursday 20th September at 2.58pm we are so in love with all 6ibs 15oz of him. My birthing story couldn’t be any further from what our ‘plan’ was. But here it goes. 


Due to the slow down of baby’s movements I had a growth scan at arrow park on the Monday. They discovered that the blood flow in the baby’s cord was not working properly. I had to be induced asap. This was emotional to hear but necessary so i thought; bring it on. No birthing center and probably no drug free hypnobirthing, but a healthy baby. 


Day 1: was fine uncomfortable but easy to manage using meditation and hypnobirthing technics. 


Day 2: was more intense. I started using golden thread breath and as things got more intense straw breathing. This and relaxation technics from hypnobirthing got me through a further 12hrs of labour drug free. I went through 4 straws!! My mum saved the last one for me as a keep sake haha. By this stage I couldn’t stand from the exhaustion and no sleep for two days. 


Day 3: The pains got too much and I started using gas and air. Another two hrs passed and labour hadn’t progressed. I then made the decision to have an epidural. I knew if I laboured for much longer I wouldn’t find the strength to push the baby out and a c section was our last resort.


Throughout our pregnancy we always discussed how we didn’t want medical intervention and would avoid it at all cost. How wrong we where. For two days the baby’s heart rate was checked. We couldn’t get a good reading with me trying to move around during contractions and keep the monitors in place. Once I had the epidural, being still on a bed they noticed the baby’s heart rate. It was dropping whenever I wasn’t in an up right position. They suspected the cord was wrapped around his neck. Had I not had the epidural we wouldn’t have known. After this they did all they could to bring labour along as fast and safe as possible. Even though I couldn’t feel my contractions any more the use of skills in pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing kept me going. Without these skills I know them last few hrs would of been unmanageable.  Within another four hrs he arrived with an assisted delivery. His cord was around his neck and the placentre was aged and unhealthy. 


I want to thank you Ann for everything I learned in pregnancy yoga. The aches and pains of pregnancy would of been much harder without it. The birthing ball was my life saver! The Birthing partner class helped me and my husband work well together during labour. Soft tickling and massaging we learnt certainly seemed to help with the body’s natural release of endorphins. The breathing technics where priceless when the time came to use them. 


Good luck to all you girls! Hope your husband is okay Ann and again thank you so much xxx