Siobhan Deeley’s Birth Story

Hi Ann

 Its Siobhan from the Saturday morning yoga classes Firstly wanted to

 say a massive Thankyou for  all your help and support throughout my

 pregnancy I really enjoyed coming to your classes and I’m already missing them!


 I went into labour on the Wednesday evening  starting with contractions

 every 20 min or so   I thought that things would progress quite quickly

 after the start of labour but it was not to be I continued for 6 days

 in slow labour, and as my contractions never got to 3-5 minutes apart

 and my waters hadn’t broke the hospital would not allow me to go in!

 The only thing that got me through this tough time was using my

 breathing techniques that I had learnt from pregnancy yoga and

 bouncing on my yoga ball! I used my breathing techniques that much

 that I found myself randomly doing them days after I had her!

 Finally I went into hospital on the 6th day after insisting that I was

 checked over and it turned out the baby was in a back to back position

 which is why my labour wasn’t progressing. After a period of

 monitoring they also discovered that the baby was in distress and

 heart rate was dropping with each contraction I had. Things moved very

 quickly after this, the midwife burst my waters to see if things

 improved but they didn’t so I was rushed off for an emergency c

 section and gave birth to Jessica Mae at 1:24 weighing 5lb11 we are all doing well now  and settling into family life!

 Thanks again