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Yoga Events & Workshop’s

Exciting Yoga & Well Being Events and Workshops are usually held at Yoga You Sanctuary!  Pure Nidra, Birthing Partner Classes, Stress Busting Yoga, Philosophy, Meditation & Charitable Yoga Events = at certain times throughout the year with invited special guests. Please scroll down to see details:-

Pure Nidra with Ann Simmonett

Birth Partner Classes with Ann Simmonett

Pregnancy Yoga Development Day with Wendy Teasdill- Date to be announced

If you’d like to attend any of our Events,  please CALL US FIRST 0151 639 9699 /  m 07521768590 to see if there are still places available, then please download and complete our booking form to confirm your place.


The welfare of Yoga You Sanctuary students and the wider community is very important to me, and so after careful consideration and following concerns from a number of people regarding Covid-19  I have taken what I think is a best practice decision with the facts to hand, to temporarily close Yoga You Sanctuary with effect from Friday 20 March 2020 .

This closure will be for as long as is necessary and I will look to reopen on as soon as is safely possible.

As I write this update on 8th April 2020 guidance advice and information regarding Coronavirus  is being updated frequently as details, risks and consequences  become more experienced and understood,                                I will review regularly and post on this website and on my Facebook page re-opening details in due course. However in the short term, whilst we adjust to all that is happening please remember that everyone can benefit from yoga and so if  I’m able to, I will as I go along post some yoga practice tips on my Yoga You Sanctuary Facebook page and perhaps in due course I may contemplate a timetable of online classes.                                                       In the meantime I’m more than happy to share Facebook posts from my friend and colleague Kate Knowles and here is a link to her website and current online classes

You may also wish to follow dear friend Pamela Smith  of Nirvana Essence Yoga who already has many enjoyable classes on U tube.

Recently I’ve reflected on the fact that even though  I’ve been practicing yoga for over 40 years and teaching for 22 years and  I’m certainly no master,  but one of the clearest things I have learned is that yoga is not ‘rocket science ‘ and can quite simply through regular practice provide so many gifts .  A capacity to sustain stability, to provide a sense of self knowledge and resilience, to give structural guidance for health and well-being which can really help through the inevitability of change, change that is good and not so good .                                                                                      Whilst recognising the despair, heartache and hardships that so many are experiencing and the dedication of our precious key workers in this challenging time there is in a sense to me a feeling rather like ‘chrysalis time’  in between caterpillar and butterfly when we reflect,  internalise our awareness, find our inner strength, breathe deeply and keep going for our post C19 emergence to a better way of living.

I look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible and rest assured that any class credits after 16 March 2020 will be carried forward or refunded as requested . Stay Safe , be well and look after yourself with a kind heart.

Namaste  and much love

Ann xx

0151 639 9699 /  m 07521768590   

Download a Booking form as a PDF For Booking on Events


You will need to complete and sign the form, and return to Yoga You Sanctuary with your payment (Full Details are included on the form).


Payment may be made by Bank Transfer- details to be found on the pricing page in this paragraph. All events are subject to the Yoga You Sanctuary Cancellation Policy, which you can find explained on our Pricing & Terms & Conditions Page and on the booking form. You will be informed of this Policy upon booking your place on any of the events and if making payment by bank transfer without completing a booking form then the terms and conditions shown on the pricing and terms and conditions page are automatically invoked as all the details are integrated. 



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