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Yoga Events & Workshop’s

Exciting Live Yoga & Well Being Events and Workshops are usually held at Yoga You Sanctuary!  Pure Nidra, Birthing Partner Classes, Stress Busting Yoga, Philosophy, Meditation & Charitable Yoga Events = at certain times throughout the year with invited special guests. Please scroll down to see details:-

Pure Nidra with Ann Simmonett now available online also

Pregnancy Yoga Development Day with Wendy Teasdill- Date to be announced

If you’d like to attend any of our Events,  please CALL US FIRST 0151 639 9699 /  m 07521768590 to see if there are still places available, then please download and complete our booking form to confirm your place.

Download a Booking form as a PDF For Booking on Events


You will need to complete and sign the form, and return to Yoga You Sanctuary with your payment (Full Details are included on the form).



Due to the nature of online teaching, it is impossible for the teacher to see everyone in the class all of the time, therefore Ann cannot accept any responsibility or be held responsible, for anything that you choose to do with your body in the comfort of your own home. 

By booking onto an online class from  or

you are entering into a contract whereby you agree to take full responsibility for yourself during your participation in all online classes. Yoga is a method of self enquiry in which the responsibility lies firmly with the practitioner to ascertain what they should or should not be doing by paying close attention to how they feel. 

You are strongly advised to listen to your body, to rest whenever your breathing feels laboured, or you feel tired, and to let Ann know if you have any medical issues either by email well  before each class, or by using the chat facility in the online meeting space 10 minutes before the class starts. 

Prompt entry to online waiting room before class is strongly advised so the class can begin on time. Ann cannot be held responsible for any failure on behalf of any internet providers.

(I’m sorry about the official nature of the above disclaimer, but it is an essential requirement of our insurance, and its also important because online teaching is different from face to face teaching. The yoga classes Ann teaches are relatively gentle, so as long as you pay attention to what is happening in your body during the class, the chances of anything going wrong are really tiny ! But please do ask if you have any queries).

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