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Pregnancy Support


Your Pregnancy Support Team is an exclusive service provided by Yoga You Sanctuary.

We’re a specialist team of local, highly qualified therapeutic professionals dedicated to supporting you on your journey towards conception, during pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals offering therapeutic services, including:

  • Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Partner Classes
  • Homeopathy
  • Life Coaching
  • Tapping (Thought Field Therapy)



Please contact the therapists directly for an informal chat about how we may be able to help you through your own pregnancy journey, and to book an appointment.


Pregnancy Yoga & Birthing Partner Classes


Ann Simmonett
British Wheel of Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga Registered Teacher

T: 0151 639 9699

Pregnancy Yoga supports and empowers women at this very special time and provides practical advice for pregnancy and labour, which often helps to minimise medical intervention.
Yoga has proved itself highly beneficial in minimising anxiety. It is deeply relaxing, helps deal with the minor side effects associated with pregnancy like disturbed sleep and back ache, and aids Optimum Foetal Positioning.

In addition, our Birthing Partner Classes allow partners to share some of the benefits, as well as learn beneficial techniques to help both of you through the birthing process. These classes offer an empowering opportunity for expectant couples, enhancing this time of change with confidence, reassurance and understanding at minimal expense:

Pregnancy Yoga Class Prices from £5 when advance paid for calendar month, or £6 for a ‘Drop In Class’
Birth Partner Classes Prices from £25 for group session on prescribed dates or £50 for a private class                                         – see pregnancy yoga page for more details.





Barbara Beechey R S Hom
Registered with the Society of Homeopaths

T: 0151 632 2784

Homeopathy is a gentle yet highly effective form of complementary medicine that can offer support on many levels – physical, emotional and mental. Preconception to post-natal; the process of bringing new life into the world is a time when extra help is essential.

Homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s own healing power so it can clear itself of many symptoms and reach a balance. The remedies cannot cause side effects because of the minute amounts of active ingredients used in their preparation, so its an ideal treatment at a time when most conventional drugs are prohibited and it has the benefit of boosting the vitality and health of you and your baby.

Download leaflet:



Life Coaching


Bernie Price
Professional Life Coach, ‘Heal Your Life’® Teacher, Heartmath® Coach, NLP Practitioner

M: 07736 088041

Bernie Price is a Life and Business Coach and Managing Director of Pragmatic People Solutions Limited – an award winning, modern thinking, energetic Training and Coaching company dedicated to inspiring and enabling people live their life at their very best.

Bernie is also an accredited Louise Hay ‘Heal your Life’® Teacher and Life Coach, a certified Heartmath® Coach (the Science of Coherence and Heart Based Living), and a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP). A former world champion sportswoman, Bernie has a passion, positivity and enthusiasm for helping individuals navigate their way through various life stages to achieve balance, ease, joy and fulfilment.

Bernie can help you:

  • get clear on what really matters to you right now and in the future, i.e. your vision for your life
  • review whether anything in your life needs to be rebalanced, e.g. health, relationships, work, “me time”
  • help you become focused about resolving any concerns or challenges you may have at this time
  • figure out answers to questions you need to explore
  • consider any opportunities you may have arising
  • look at your choices, decisions and actions to ensure you are clear and comfortable about any next steps

Visit my website for more information: Bernie Price

Download leaflet:



Tapping (Thought Field Therapy)


Teresa Tysoe
TFT Therapist

T: 0151 632 1452
M: 07752 852411

What is tapping?
Tapping is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive form of meridian therapy that uses acupressure points to remove the emotional and psychological issues that affect your sense of well-being.
It is easy to administer. I activate specific acupressure points by tapping them with the fingertips while you think about your concerns.

How can tapping help during my pregnancy, the birth and beyond?


  • helps with fears or phobias relating to hospital visits, including, for example, needle phobia
  • reduces anxiety surrounding the pregnancy and forthcoming birth
  • helps to clear any past trauma or stress relating to a previous birth
  • promotes a feeling of relaxation and a sense of being more in control
  • encourages a feeling of confidence about becoming a parent and coping with the demands of a new baby
  • helps to reduce other ‘stressors’ in your life during this special time
  • soothes and calms both you and your baby

In addition to an individually tailored tapping session, I will teach you how to use tapping yourself to maintain your improved sense of well-being.

A 90 minute tapping session costs £28 (this represents a 25% reduction on normal pricing.)
Sessions are available in the comfort of your own home* if that is more convenient.

*Travelling expenses may apply.

Visit my website for more information:

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