Melissa Kangur’s Story

“Hope you and all the girls are well, just to let you all know that I had a beautiful baby girl called isha on sat night at 10.54pm, weighing 7lb 7oz!

I had planned to have a water birth and use the massage and breathing techniques I had learnt in class, however my labour did not quite go to plan. My labour lasted 4 hours in total and I was back at home at 2.30am on sun morning, so there was no time to think let alone do any of the above really!!!

At 4.50pm on sat evening my waters broke at home, however I had no pains, contractions or discomfort, and when I rang the labour ward they told me to make my way to the hospital but not to rush or panic as without the contractions it was probable they would send me back away and my labour would slowly progress in the next few days. Luckly my partner Craig insisted that I eat something before we left and that we should take the car seat with us just in case.

We arrived at the labour ward at 7 pm and I had started to get very mild contractions every 3 minutes, the midwife explained that I would have to lie on a bed, on my back, strapped to a monitor for approx 45mins to check the babys heart beat, to see if I was having any contractions and to check if my waters had broken. The contractions slowly started to get stronger and the midwife may as well of asked my to climb mount everest, as for will nor money I coulld not keep still lying flat on my back with my legs straight, therefore the midwife could not get a check of any of these things! By 7.20pm she offered to examine me to see if i had begun dilating or if I could go home (I was starting to get quite distressed with the pain by now as well), she was shocked to see that I was already 4cms dilated and offered my some gas and air which really helped the pains! It then started to dawn on me that I wasn’t going back home that night as first thought….

I was constantly asking if I could have water birth but the midwife was reluctant to fill the pool without getting a clear check on the baby’s heart beat. She left to get another midwife for a second opinion, it was about 9pm by now and by the time she returned (only about 15mins later) my contractions had worstened so much I said forget the water birth can I have an epidural!!! I think craig and both the midwifes must of thought I was crackers!! (especially craig as he knew how determined as was to have a natural birth)!!

The midwifes left the room again in search of the aneatitist, when they returned they explained that he was in theatre and would be for at least another hour. I then asked them to just give me anything then and I had some pethidine which was great and really helped. At this point I told the midwifes I really needed to push, they told me I had a long way to go yet and I couldn’t possibly be ready to push yet as i had only been in labour about 2 an a half hours, but I was quite persistant any they agreed to examine me again. To their astonishment I was 10cms dilated!! “Oh you really do need to push” she said!!

It took me just over a hour to push isha out, she came out in a “OT” position facing the wrong way, which is why it took so long to push her out. By now I had a baby monitor clipped to her head (and stuck to my leg) so I was free to get off that flippin bed and move round! I used several strange postions whilst pushing which amused the midwifes and they asked if I was a dancer, craig replyed no but she does that yoga thing!!!!!

I finally delivered isha at 10.54pm, back on the bed, lying on my right side with my left leg over my head and foot in my hand!!! I did not tear and needed no stiches at all. I can not thank you enough Ann for improving my flexibilty over the years. The midwifes said they would strongly advise yoga to all their patients and the student midwife said she would like to take it up herself!!!

By this time we both though it was quite funny that my hospital bag was still in the car and I had not even had time to change into my nighty!!

They let me go home at 2am due to the fact that everything had gone so smoothly and at 2.30am all 3 of us where back at home and feeling great. Yes the labour did hurt but it was worth every minute and i’d do it all again tommorrow in a shot!

Once again thanks so much Ann and send all my luck & love to all the girls.”