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Sam Harris’s Birth Story

Hi Ann hope you’re well and staying safe, Tobias Elliott Ralph was born yesterday morning (27/3) 3 weeks early and came naturally! He’s only 5lb 11 but a perfect bundle of cuteness!

Thank you for your classes and the breathing lessons, can’t tell the girls enough how breathing properly not only keeps you calm but helps with the pain, glad Matt did the couple’s group class with me as he was able to count my breaths and helped me to slow my breathing down when I thought I was going to give birth in the car haha, Tobias came very suddenly and quickly, so no time to sit on the ball or do the other things I’d planned, but he came safely!

Wishing all the other girls loads of luck with their journeys and remember to breathe 😁,

Sam xxx

Rebecca Metcalf’s Birth Story

Hiya Ann, it’s Rebecca here from pregnancy yoga. Just wanted to let you know my little girl arrived 13/2/20 – Isabelle Grace – weighing 7lb 4oz. 💕 I went into labour on my due date! The day after our last yoga session – maybe that’s what got things moving haha. Labour started off really well-… Continue Reading

Anna Wyatt’s Birth Story

Dear Ann, just wanted to say hello and let you and the yoga ladies know that Alexander has arrived safely on 31/1 weighing 9lb 8 oz. He was a little reluctant to come out and I ended up being induced with regular contractions hit 3 days. As always yoga has helped me to keep a… Continue Reading

Emer Nolan’s Birth Story

Hi Ann, It’s Emer here from your pregnancy yoga class.. I’ve been meaning to message you but hadn’t got around to doing so. We had a little girl called Lyla on Thursday 7th November, 5 days early and weighed 7 pounds 14.5 ounces.. All went well and I really felt like the breathing exercises you… Continue Reading

Jennifer McDonnell’s Birth Story Hi Ann. Just thought I’d let you know that I won’t be coming back to class. Lots of up’s and down’s with this little lady. Latest scan shows that her growth has dipped again. I’m currently 3cm but if she doesn’t make her own way out today or tomorrow I’m booked… Continue Reading

Katherine Russel’s Birth Story

Hi AnnI hope you’re good and 2019 is going well for you so far. Just sending my birth story for you to share with the yoga mummy’s and mummy’s to be. Mine’s a bit of a boring one but hopefully will provide some reassurance that labour can actually be ok …I woke at 7am on… Continue Reading